Week 15- My Dharma

Ok blog peeps, mama’s back!!  Week 15 for me has been incredibly eye opening.  Reading about personal growth after a period of an identity crisis was kinda needed.  It completely reaffirmed my revelations and my decisions.  It’s amazing how you can make one simple decision and, all of the sudden, the rest of your life seems to just fall into place.

#7- “All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit.  Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth.”

The last few months have been so trying and incredibly difficult but well worth the pain and the anguish because the other side of them is wide open for me!  Once I got right with myself and was honest with myself I started a new journey.  And this journey is very different than the one that I was on previously.  I know I said this before, but, it’s funny how what you think you really “wanted” in life, isn’t what you really “needed”.   And once you figure out what you really need, that’s when life begins.  I realized that my dream to live somewhere else was an escape.  I thought that if we lived somewhere else, everything would be different.  But everything would be exactly the same, just in a different location.  I realized that I needed to be happy wherever I was.  That if I could be completely happy where I am now, I would then be completely happy anywhere I decided to go.

#9- “The inexorable requirements of growth demand that we exert the greatest degree of attraction for what is perfectly in accord with us.  Our highest happiness will be best attained through our understanding of, and conscious cooperation with natural laws.”

As I said earlier, once I made one simple decision, TONS of doors are opening for me.  I feel like because its my true dharma, I am attracting it!  I feel like my life is lining up and where we are headed this year will be so worth all the struggle in years past.  I finally feel like I can breathe.



4 thoughts on “Week 15- My Dharma

  1. Jenn, I so get you on this…. the getting real. Even though I wasn’t quick enough to be one of your followers, I’m following you all the way in this amazing journey. Love your writing 🙂

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