Week 11- Struggles

Sorry guys, I know I’m late with this weeks post.  But to be totally honest I had absolutely NO clue what to write about.  This week was one of sincere struggle for me.  I had such a hard time understanding Part 11 of The Master Keys (like reading another language), I had a hard time finding inspiration and I had a hard time with the exercises.

I get some weeks will be this way and I’m just looking at tomorrow as a fresh start.  I just keep repeating Og’s scroll this week… I will persist until I succeed.   🙂


9 thoughts on “Week 11- Struggles

  1. I too have had many struggles with writing. Thank you so much for your honesty and your persistence in this wonderful adventure we are on! You have and will continue to succeed!!

  2. Keep sticking to the course, It’s very helpful to read and keep reread Part 11. It is a very powerful part in the course and can seem like jibberish… Struggle is ok as long as you persevere! Great Work!

  3. I almost ditched into the ocean a few weeks back… luckily I re-surfaced in time and realised I nearly let go of the most important thing ever….
    Pheww… every day is a new day.
    Yippee!!! 😉

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