Week 10- A Truck and a bag of Oreos

Lets start off with a little story…

Once there was a little boy named Parker.  He was 3 and as many 3 year olds are, very persistent.   One day Parker’s mom took him into Target to get a few things that she needed.  A simple in and out shopping trip… so she thought.  After picking up the 2 items that she went in for and trying ever so carefully to avoid the dreaded “toy” section she started for the cash registers.  But, low and behold, those Target people are clever and decided to make a huge display on one of the side aisles with all kinds of things that are right up a 3 year old boy’s alley.  Trucks, diggers (I don’t actually know the names of this stuff), and dump trucks.

Parker’s eyes lit up with joy!  “Mommy,  Mommy, Mommy look!  TRUCKS!”  Parker’s mom’s face was a little less joyful.  “Oh Yay!”  she said.  ” Can I get one?  Pretty Please..”  He asked looking ever so cute.  And so Parker’s mom replied, “Probably not today sweetheart.  Christmas is almost here and so we can ask Santa for one.”  She thought this was a pretty safe answer.  Oh how wrong she was.  “But I want it!”  He cried, “But I want it!”  She tried to keep her composure and said, “I know you do sweetie, but that’s something that Santa needs to bring you.”  As she started to inch the cart away, Parker went into a full on meltdown.   In the end, Parker’s mom left with her 2 items she needed and Parker left with a new truck and a bag of Oreos…


This week Og tells us “I will persist until I succeed.” 

How is it that a 3 year old knows this instinctively, and it is something that adults have to re-read on a daily basis to get it through their head?

I am deciding to take a page from my son’s playbook.  I know what I want and I will kick and scream and fight until I walk away with it… and a bag of Oreos.


4 thoughts on “Week 10- A Truck and a bag of Oreos

  1. Totally reminds me of when my kids where little. Now that they’re older they have a brand new play book on ‘how to run the ball and score!!! lol! Great observation, our play book as adults needs a revision. Great post.

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