Week 5- My name is Inigo Montoya…

The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies.   I recently came across a interview with Mandy Patinkin, who played Inigo Montoya.  In this interview he said that he had a favorite line from the movie.  Interestingly enough he didn’t hear this line, even though he said it, until many years later.

The line is “Is very strange. I have been in the revenge business so long, now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.”


Most of us may not be in the revenge business, but we are in the business of frustration, chaos, worry, ect.  We have spent the majority of our lives feeling these feelings and honestly, being addicted to them.  So the question is; Who are we going to be without them?  

I had a moment of clarity this week as I was saying my daily affirmations.  I was saying “I can be what I WILL to be” and about half way through I heard myself saying it with such “enthuuuuusiasm” as Mark would say.   And suddenly, I believed myself!  I CAN be what I WILL myself to be!  I have been telling myself this all week.  During my workout yesterday, on my run, I heard Davene’s voice telling me to “Finish STRONG!”  and I kept repeating “I can be what I will to be.”  At that moment I was willing myself to be a strong runner.

How cool is it that we can reprogram ourselves and become whoever we want?!  Instead of the person who is in the business of not holding myself accountable for not doing what I should be doing and then being frustrated with where I am in life, I choose to be the person who takes action everyday and is constantly moving forward!

And this person I am willing myself to be is not “Inconceivable!”inconceivable


Week 4- How to avoid a shrunken head

I think we have all, at one time in our life, gone to a gym.   It’s by far one of the best places to people watch.  There’s that incredibly hairy guy that only wears tank tops to show off his bear-like essence.  There’s that girl that walks on the treadmill while talking loud enough on her cell phone so that everyone in the gym can hear about her night out and what she ate today.  And then there is the infamous muscle guy that is so large up top that he can’t even move his head without turning his entire body, yet, he has neglected leg workouts for the last 10 years.


While reading part 4 of the Master Keys this week, #28 really jumped out at me.

28. The reply is, by exercise; mental strength is secured in exactly the same way that physical strength is secured, by exercise.  We think something, perhaps with difficulty the first time; we think the same thing again, and it becomes easier this time; we think it again and again; finally it becomes automatic; we can no longer help thinking this thing; we are now positive of what we think; there is no longer any doubt about it.  We are sure; we know.  

I had never thought about it in this way.  Derek and I have always been active people.  We both Crossfit and have always been very cautious about our health.  But I have been neglecting one part of me.  The most important part…  my brain!   I think this is fairly common though.  Every other part of us is visible.  Exercising brings on visible changes.  But, your brain is not visible so it is often forgotten.   I guess this makes me the reverse of the hulk/chicken leg guy… I have a normal body with a shrunken head.

Now the brain is not a muscle, but responds just the same as one.   The more you use a part of your brain, the larger it will get.  Also like muscles, as you use a particular part of your brain, more blood is pumped to that area to provide energy. Finally, as with muscles, the more you use your brain, the better it works.  Davene talked a lot about the frontal lobe this weekend.  I did a little research on my own, and found that the executive functions of the frontal lobes involve the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, to choose between good and bad actions (or better and best).  It also overrides and suppresses socially unacceptable responses, and determines similarities and differences between things or events.

Hmmm… Sounds a lot like what we are doing for our “exercises”.

Now the questions I will pose to you is who would you rather be;

The guy with the shrunken head



the guy with a huge head and has trouble finding hats?


I think I will take up knitting so I can make my own hats.

Week 3- Humor and a positive attitude

Rough weeks… we all have them.  This week was definitely one for me.  What gets you through your rough times?  For me, two things; humor and a positive attitude.  This week was riddled with chaos and frustration.  It could have thrown me off course.  It could have set me back.  But instead, I chose to be Richard Simmons.

We all know and love that flamboyant happy guy, even if you don’t admit it.  Got to hand it to the guy.  He truly is the epitome of  someone that is always there to tell you “Yes you can do it!”  And, “Don’t give up!”  It says that he has inspired and motivated people to lose a total of 12,000,000 pounds!  That’s impressive.  He is giving these people what they need to keep moving forward.


We all have what it takes.  We are all golden Buddhas underneath.  Doing the work is the part that gets most people.  All it takes is desire and will.  I will slowly chip all the cement off of me.  And little by little I am that golden Buddha.  And more than likely this Buddha will be wearing striped Dolfin shorts and a tank top telling other people “Yes you can!” and “Don’t give up!”

Attack of the Blue Rectangles- Week 2

Ever notice how you never noticed a specific car before, then you get one and then… they are EVERYWHERE?  That pretty much sums up my week so far.  

I was told to look for Blue Rectangles, and every time I saw one It would remind me of the chore I needed to preform and to “DO IT NOW!”

I had never really noticed blue rectangles before.  Then… BAM… Derek’s gym bag is a blue rectangle, street signs are blue rectangles, bathroom towels are blue rectangles, pictures all over the house are blue rectangles, My bedroom walls are giant blue rectangles, Parker’s bedspread is a blue rectangle, my MKMMA binders are blue rectangles and a picture Sophie made in preschool that is hanging on the fridge is, yup you guessed it, a blue rectangle.  Heck, even the buttons on this blog page are blue rectangles.  And they are all screaming at me to go do my chore and DO IT NOW!


I was quite amazed at how well this worked.  I didn’t even make it past Tuesday before I just couldn’t help myself.  I HAD to go scrub my bathroom toilets.  (They regularly get cleaned but we have VERY hard water in Albuquerque and it leaves a nasty ring that has to be scrubbed off.)  Why had I not ever realized that things could be this simple?  I have always made myself a weekly “to-do” list but never have I had the COMPULSION to go in and scrub my toilets!  

I really am enjoying these new good habits that we are engraving into our subconscious.  New good habits, new blueprint, new life!  Shoot, if blue rectangles can go make me show the toilet rings who’s boss, I’m pretty curious what a red circle, green triangle and a yellow square can get me to do with passion!  

OH!  And guess what a blueprint is?  A BLUE RECTANGLE… just sayin.           Image

New Blueprint vs. The Bed

I heard a saying the other day.  “Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into and hard to get out of.”  I think we can all relate to that!  I was thinking about that this morning as I was laying in my bed, all snuggled under the covers and thinking to myself, “Do I really need to get up and read my DMP, and Scroll 1?  Or maybe I could just lay here and just snuggle with Sophie (my daughter) a little longer.”  But…

If I hadn’t gotten up, my “Old blueprint” would win.

big-comfy-bed    So, I kissed Sophie and turned on the light and read.  And I was glad I did.  As I was reading Scroll 1 a paragraph jumped off the page at me.

“Yet I will not fail, as the others, for in my hands I now hold the charts which will guide me through perilous waters to shores which only yesterday seemed but a dream.”

This spoke to me for a few reasons.  See, it completely reaffirmed that I had made the right choice.  Getting up, reading this and cultivating the good habits.  The second reason it spoke to me is my DMP.  My Definite Major Purpose in life is to live the Aloha life in Kauai.  I see this process and the scrolls as whats guiding me through the perilous waters (my journey) to shores which only yesterday seemed a dream (Kauai).

I am slowly becoming a slave to these good habits.  Eventually it wont even be a battle in my head, just automatic.